Warriors Needed for R2VTour

Requesting Your Help Community!


Refer a Warrior Child fighting cancer for a once in a lifetime opportunity. (details below)

With the support of several Major League Baseball clubs, AoW will be hosting a child with cancer in your community on an adventure. We are gifting an all-inclusive ballpark experience where the Child and Family will receive an on-filed special opportunity, along with other VIP perks for the immediate Family (up to 5 members) during the 2016 season.

Do you know of a Child or Family who is deserving of this AoW adventure? Please nominate them by email to info@angelsofwarriors.org. The family will be chosen by random selection.

Requirements for participation (subject to change):

1. Family must provide a doctor’s note stating that the child can participate in this activity and the name of their condition (upon request).

2. Child must be between the ages 8 – 16.

3. If there are special physical needs for the child, please indicate so at the point of contact.

The honorary child and family will be highlighted on our website once chosen. Other restrictions may apply.