Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do our donations go?

AoW online donations for each of our causes go directly to the individual and their family (minus minimal processing fees). Whether the Warrior needs assistance and support financially, emotionally, and/or physically, AoW provides our Warriors with immediate and long term relief. Each case is very different and their needs will be different. We sit down with the family to find out what their needs are and create a goal for them. Monies we raise may be used for services to better their living conditions, provide groceries, to pay bills, offer emotional support and consoling or other priority items.

Event donations, unless otherwise noted, will be used to offer programs and assistance, raise awareness and throw future events for our foundation.

Q: What are your sources of funding?

AoW finances its work through individual contributions, corporate donations, and foundation grants. AoW does not solicit contributions over the telephone.

Q: Is my financial contribution tax deductible?

Yes. AoW is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Financial contributions may be deductible for federal income tax purposes. We ask that you always consult with a financial advisor to determine the extent of tax deductibility. 

Q: Who is eligible for a cause?

The mission of AoW is to create a community of support to anyone (child or adult), living in the U.S., with a life threatening medical condition/disease. Warriors will be determined to be medically eligible for a cause by their physician.

Q: What is considered to be a life threatening disease?

The warriors treating physician makes the final determination of whether a Warriors medical condition qualifies him or her for a cause.