Jerome – San Diego Padres 2016 R2VTour Warrior

Two children in a hospital room
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This was a heart-breaking story proving that kids battling cancer breaks up a family. Ralda is a single mom with no family here. When Jerome was diagnosed, Ralda had to rely on people in her community for help with her older son Joseph (who is now 12). While Jerome was in Rady’s getting treatment, Ralda was split between her home and Joseph and Jerome at Rady’s. She finally was able to secure a room at the Ronald McDonald house for her and Joseph, but that created an extra housing expense. She couldn’t afford paying for her apartment and a stranger offered her $2000 just so she would lose her apartment. On top of that, when Flu season came around Joseph wasn’t allowed at Rady’s with his mom and so Ralda had to find a friend in the community for Joseph to live with for several months. This family was basically a stranger to Joseph. It was heart-wrenching for Ralda and very scary and sad for Joseph. Joseph actually told his mom he wished he had Cancer so he could stay with her and Jerome and feel like part of the family. This was such a difficult time for this family.

Jerome Elbacha Born 2005. He is a happy spirit , kind, loving, friendly and courteous. He is fast to offer his help and so talented with his hands
He like tennis and soccer but his gift is ART – drawing and creating stories, water colors and pencil. He enjoys building Legos, cooking and eating. He is also a Cub Scout bridging to boys scouts. Regarding this CANCER experience in his life, he has been a very brave kid throughout the whole experience. His faith continues to grow bigger. He has felt Gods healing power in his body and he did not experience any side effects from the treatment. His body has recovered miraculously and he believes he has been touched by the healing powers of Jesus. He prays and attends church weekly. Other pastimes are watching YouTube videos, playing mind craft and he is always looking and asking questions to learn new things.

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