Barry “Bear” Calabrese & Family

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GOAL: $10,000


Date: 6/30/15

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(Above) The Calabrese Family, sends their love and gratitude to all you supporters who are helping them get through this difficult time.

Barry is a well loved man, and this became very obvious at our 5K event in May. His family and friends showed up with strength in numbers to support Barry’s run for his “battle”. Thanks to so many, Angels of Warriors was able to donate over $6,900 to his Family and cause. We continue to receive donations and build awareness for his efforts in his fight. He hopes to use the monies received to bring his wife and children to visit his parents who live on the east coast. He is continuing his medical and natural treatments and is looking forward to seeing his family and appreciates all of the amazing support he has received from family, friends and our community of Angels.



Barry “Bear” Calabrese(age 52) is a wonderful father, husband, son, brother, co-worker and friend.  He is giving, loyal, fair, respectful, faithful, funny, strong, and so many other great things!  He is an all around amazing man.

Bear was born and raised in New York and moved to Sunny San Diego on June 21, 1988. Since then, he married his wife, Jeannine, became a second father to Jeannine’s sons; Michael and Matthew and welcomed a beautiful daughter, Megan, into the world. Bear became a part of the San Diego Probation Department 16 years ago, where he is now a well-respected Supervising Probation Officer.

In February of this year, Bear was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer for the second time. Only this time, it is Stage IV, Renal (Kidney) Cancer, and it is inoperable. Unwilling to accept the lack of medical treatment options, Bear and his family decided to seek out alternative treatment options. He and his wife, Jeannine spent a week in Oregon at a healing center, receiving heat/frequency treatments.  He is also altering his diet to include more Organic foods along with other changes.

The Calabrese family is very strong, but like any family fighting an evil such as cancer, support from family, friends and their community can be the help/angels the family didn’t know they needed.

AoW seeks to raise the funds to help Bear afford the costs of traveling and receiving treatments, or even better, to bring the treatment products to his home so that he may be with his wife and children throughout the process. Along with his traditional western medicine program, his alternative healing treatments consist of rigorous targeted energy frequency healing therapies. This program has a 90% success rate and brings great hope to the Family. Another wish of Bears is to be able to have a family trip to New York to see his Mother, Father and Siblings. Your support can help to bring this Families wishes to reality.

This family is truly amazing. Please donate!

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