Donni Mills felt powerless after several of her friends and family members were diagnosed with Cancer.

She watched these loved ones and their families go through the heart wrenching ordeal of fighting to get well, while dealing with the financial, physical, and emotional stress this fight causes. Donni realized that these individuals and families really needed immediate relief from the stresses of day to day responsibilities. She also realized the negative affect the disease causes on the “Value” of family time and life. Along with Rachel Mills and Renee Allen Mills, Donni Mills founded Angels of Warriors.

Together these founding Angels have worked with the community to raise money, support, and awareness to bring immediate relief to individuals and their family members battling Life Threatening Diseases. The help provided is for the children, siblings, parents, any family member who is directly affected by this disease.

We, at Angels of Warriors, believe that we cannot allow these diseases to destroy our family and community. We believe that individuals need to concentrate on the fight of winning the battle and enjoying their family, and not be bothered with the financial responsibilities.

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? There are many non-profit organizations across the nation doing noble, important work to find a cure for life threatening diseases. AoW does not send monies to pharmaceutical companies. Rather, our donations go directly to our Warriors and their Families affected by their diseases. This gives them the financial, physical, and emotional help they need, and provides them with immediate relief from the strains of day to day responsibilities. Our long term programs are uniquely structured to provide the most impactful experience for each families needs. Lastly, our support from professional service providers, donors and volunteers offers a community for our Warriors and their Families like no other.

AoW SERVES FAMILIES. We believe that individuals need to concentrate on enjoying Family and winning the battle (not being burdened with financial responsibilities)

OUR VISION is for our Warriors and their Families to find peace in knowing that they have a community of Angels supporting them. They can focus on what is most important – Getting Healthy and Each Other. We will assist in providing opportunities for quality time and creating memories which will last beyond a lifetime.

If you know if someone or a family that could benefit from our assistance, please submit a referal by following the link below. If you are someone who can offer services to people in these situations, we would love to talk! Please email us at info@angelsofwarriors.org


Angels of Warriors has given Children/Families fighting Cancer Thousands of Dollars in Cash, Disneyland Family Experience, Hotel Del Coronado Family Weekend Experience, Home and Outdoor Organization and Room Remodel, Major League Baseball Ultimate Family Experience, NY METS Signed Baseball Bat, Jersey, Cap, Memorabilia, and SO MUCH MORE!


We all know that CANCER affects the WHOLE Family. These FAMILIES need our HELP to LAUGH! Please help us give these Families the HELP they need by donating or participating in our programs. Your donations are the only way that we have funds to provide the experiences and help that these families so desperately need.  


We have several Major League Baseball Teams that are rallying behind our programs and supporting our Road 2 Victory Tour. We have several Children/Families that are waiting to benefit from this Childhood Dream Experience! Please help us make a Child and their Family this Dream a Reality!